Rob Gilton: Engineering Consultant


Student Robotics

I founded Student Robotics, a not-for-profit organisation, with Stephen English and Howard Buck in 2006. Student Robotics is an educational programme that encourages 16-18 year-olds to build autonomous robots. We host an annual competition event at which our teams play their robots against each other. The organisation continues to grow, and our latest competition involved 54 robots and around 400 students.

I perform many roles within Student Robotics, including electronic design, firmware development, systems administration, embedded Linux development, web-app development, event management, and fundraising.

Date: 2006 to Present

Electronics and Firmware for the Elvie

I designed the electronics, and wrote the firmware for Chiaro's Elvie pelvic floor fitness device. This product combines Bluetooth Low-Energy, and Qi wireless charging.

Client: Chiaro

Date: June 2014 to Present

Controller for the Haberdashery London DiscoDisco project

I designed a USB adapter for driving some of Haberdashery London's bespoke display hardware. I also authored some software allowing the playback of arbitrary videos upon this display.

Client: Haberdashery London

Date: November 2014

Electronics and Firmware for IKAWA Coffee Roaster

I have provided firmware and electronic design services to IKAWA Ltd for their coffee roaster product. This involved the design of a CE and UL compliant mains-powered product, as well as the use of Bluetooth Low-Energy for communication with mobile devices.

Client: IKAWA

Date: December 2013 to Present

Pocket Embedded Linux System for LED jacket

In an extremely short time-frame, I constructed a pocket-sized unit for controlling the RGB LEDs in this jacket. The unit consisted of an embedded Linux device (a stripped-down BeagleBoard) that took animations on an SD card as input, and mastered the jacket's serial bus.

Client: Moritz Waldermeyer

Collaborators: Richard Barlow

Date: February 2011

DMX Receiver unit for Acer Pavilion Shutters at Olympics

I delivered a Linux-based system to receive DMX control commands from another system. This displayed the current status on a screen, and transmitted the received commands over an application-specific serial protocol.

I also assembled some PCBs for this installation.

Client: Bennellick Engineering

Date: June 2013 - July 2013

Embedded Linux Consultancy for a Musical Instrument

The manufacturer of a musical instrument required some analysis of the performance of the USB MIDI interface of their product. The product featured a Linux environment using the MIDI USB gadget driver.

Client: Bennellick Engineering

Date: November 2013

GUI development for Middlesex University Heart

This installation is controlled by its owners through a GUI. I developed some of the features of this interface.

Client: Bennellick Engineering

libkoki: Computer vision

I oversaw the development of the libkoki vision system, which has been used for several years in the Student Robotics competition. This library provides similar functionality to the popular ARToolKit, but is designed from the ground-up to be considerably more robust.

I optimised the library for execution on the BeagleBoard, a cache-constrained platform. I improved its frame-rate by more than a factor of 3.

Collaborators: Chris Kirkham

Date: 2011

Formica Robots

In this final-year project of my MEng degree in Electronic Engineering, a group of friends and I developed some small swarm robots. These robots were designed to be extremely cheap so that one could have a large swarm.

Collaborators: Stephen English, Jeff Gough, Alexis Johnson, Jo Sun

Date: 2008

Lecturing at Villiers Park

Along with Ivor Simpson, I ran a week-long course for sixth formers entitled "Computational Engineering". In this course we introduced our students to electronics and software engineering.

Client: Villiers Park Educational Trust

Dates: February 2010, 2011, 2012